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[Nippon TV News]
"Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-" World Premiere at Japan Expo Kickoff Event!

Capcom's wildly popular action game series "Sengoku BASARA" has sold over 3.6 million copies as of March 2014. "Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-", the new TV animation series based on the game, is set to premiere and will be broadcast by Nippon TV.

The premiere screening of the first episode will take place not in Japan or anywhere else in the world, but in Paris on the opening day of the Japan Expo, Europe's biggest Japanese culture and entertainment festival! "Sengoku BASARA", set during Japan's Sengoku Period (Warring States Period), showcases the most famous warlords of the 15th and 16th centuries battling for supremacy in hopes of dominating the entire country. Based on the game "Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes", this animation series is set in Sekigahara in western Japan and depicts the epic stories of the Sengoku Period.

"Japan Expo guests, I am absolutely delighted to be able to present to you our newest animation 'Sengoku BASARA' ahead of any other screening in the world. Based on the game 'Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes', this production also blends in original elements for a completely new animation. Whether you're familiar with 'Sengoku BASARA' or not, you will surely be entertained by this battle-filled dramatic action animation from Japan. Sit back and enjoy the show!"
- Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Producer, Capcom

"Japan's many warlords see their hopes and fates come to a cross at the epic Battle of Sekigahara, which is depicted in the new 'Sengoku BASARA'. Witness this momentous turning point in Japan's history. I am very happy that this first episode premieres in Paris, where Japanese animation is so well-loved, ahead of anywhere else in the world. I hope you enjoy Masamune's hot party."
- Kazuya Nakai, Masamune Date Voice-Over

Feel the pulse of one of Japan's most troubled times in this spectacular historical animation that is sure to take you by storm.

"Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-" World Premiere
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 2, 2014, starting at 15:00
Venue: Japan Expo STAGE

"Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-"
Nippon TV: Starting July 5th, airing weekly on Saturdays 25:50-26:20
Yomiuri TV: Starting July 14th, airing weekly on Mondays from 25:59 during MANPA segment
BS Nittele:  Starting July 16th, airing weekly on Wednesdays 26:30-27:00