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Special drama "Your Home is My Business! Returns" set to air simultaneously in Japan and Asia through GEM!|NIPPON TV

Nippon TV's July 2016 original hit drama series "Your Home is My Business!," which stars Ms. Keiko Kitagawa, returns as a special drama (one special episode).

Making a comeback as "Your Home is My Business! Returns," the show will air in Japan on Friday, May 26th at 9 pm. What's more, through Nippon TV's GEM channel in Southeast Asia, the special drama is set for a same-day, same-time simulcast in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

This drama showcases genius real estate agent Machi Sangenya as the main character. With "there isn't a home I can't sell" as her catchphrase, Machi goes beyond the scope of her job and trespasses into the personal problems of her clients. Through all sorts of means, she solves their problems and ultimately gets them to buy a home, without fail. Machi's boldness, assertiveness, trademark command "GO!" and the colorful cast of characters made this exciting drama the talk of the town. The final episode of its original July 2016 season run garnered a 13.0% viewer rating, setting a record for this drama series. (Source: Video Research, Kanto region, September 14, 2016 broadcast.) "Your Home is My Business!" has come to enjoy high international acclaim, having been broadcast and/or streamed in South Korea, Taiwan, and many countries throughout Southeast Asia. Moreover, the drama and its producer have been featured in various industry magazines in the US, Europe and of course Asia.

"Your Home is My Business! Returns" is set two years after Machi left Teiko Real Estate. She comes back to work for two weeks as a temporary employee with the task of saving the struggling company from weak sales. Follow Machi as she closes one deal after another with uniquely colorful clients that include a Chinese man with a passion for hoarding Japanese properties, an elementary school child star who buys a home for his father, and a poverty-stricken single mother. What's more, you can catch up on what's been going on with Machi's colleagues and see how they react to her sudden return. Don't miss the excitement at Teiko Real Estate as Machi unleashes her time-tested sales techniques.