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Experience Nippon TV's "Mixed Reality"!

Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) is excited to announce an upcoming event at its headquarters in March dubbed "Creative Technology Lab," featuring computer graphics content that uses Mixed Reality (MR)--a futuristic technology currently under development by Nippon TV. Attendees get to try on Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses and enjoy a completely new viewing experience.

"Nippon TV Mixed Reality" is a system that enables multiple viewers in a room to wear transparent smart glasses that display various data and computer graphics outside of the television screen. Popping right out of the screen, characters and program guests move and speak realistically in front of your very eyes. During live sports broadcasts, viewers can bring athletes and useful data straight into their living room. Music show fans can also take the fun to a whole new dimension by "welcoming" the artists into their home to perform.

We at Nippon TV are continuing our pursuit of creating a "future that expands how television is enjoyed" through cutting-edge technologies.