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[NTV News]
CNplus Production, Inc. announces its second self-produced drama, which stars Mike He, a handsome actor famous throughout Greater China, and popular actress Alice Ke.

CNplus Productions, Inc., a joint venture between Nippon TV and Taiwan's CTi TV (a subsidiary of Want Want Group), is proud to introduce "Bravely Say I Love You" (working title), its second self-produced drama series in Mandarin. This bittersweet entrepreneurial love comedy features actor Mike He, who is widely popular throughout Greater China, and actress Alice Ke, who made her big break in the Taiwanese drama "Office Girls", which was also broadcast in Japan. Both stars play characters in their thirties trying hard to fit in a society that expects people their age to have stable jobs and families.
Mike He plays a single father who lives with his only daughter and runs a pizza shop. He adores his little girl but can't afford to spoil her with luxuries. Alice Ke's character is an unmarried thirty-something woman who leaves the countryside for the big city of Taipei with high hopes of finding a job. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse and she finds herself unemployed and heartbroken. Watch this thirty-something woman with no money and no skills overcome the many challenges that come her way. A shot at starting a business, a chance encounter with a single father who runs a pizza shop, a new romance... This drama will make you laugh and at times move you to tears with its refreshing portrayal of an unconventional woman searching for her dream.
After airing on Taiwan's CTi TV, this drama is slated for broadcast in Japan, South Korea, mainland China, and other countries in Asia.

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