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Hitch Housing 來去鄉下住一晚 田舎に泊まろう!

Hitch Housing 來去鄉下住一晚 田舎に泊まろう!|TV TOKYO
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No famous places or historic sites, no luxury hotels, hot-spring spas or high-flown cuisine. Can such a show actually be a travel program? In Hitch Housing, viewers get to experience a truly make-d kind of travel experience that no other travel program can provide.

In each program, our intrepid presenter - a well known comedian, actor or pop star - is sent off to a mystery destination in Japan, without a dime in their pocket. Once there, he/she is welcomed by beautiful countryside, it's up to our traveler to discover noted spots to meet local people and - most importantly, on a no-budget trip like this, - find a place to stay for the night. For this, our presenter visits a real home in the area and requests a bed for the night. If he's refused there's nothing it but to sleep under the stars. If, on the other hand, our presenter is offered by some kind of hospitality, it's up to him to repay the kindness in some way. And it is the interaction between the host and the guest in is the most dramatic and moving moments of the program.
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Production Year
60 minutes
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights: TV, Inflight、VOD, Internet
Target viewers: ALL
Production Year: 2003~
Format: Full HD/ SD
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