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Absolute Zero 3

Absolute Zero 3
©2018 Kyodo Television, Ltd.
An action-packed crime drama featuring undercover investigations, depicting the activities of an investigation team that predicts and prevents crimes.

Norito is an elite detective formerly from Public Security. In the wake of a certain incident he caused, Norito was transferred to serve as the head of the archives division of General Affairs. The archives division is the so-called “dust heap” of the Metropolitan Police Department, made up of a motley crew of troublemakers. However, they’re actually entrusted with a critical top-secret project. They have been tasked with implementing a massive “Pre-Criminal Investigation System,” which collects and analyzes the personal information of all Japanese citizens in order to predict dangerous persons and those likely to commit felonies via AI. The division’s mission is to prevent felonies, primarily murders, from being committed. However, the data shows only the name of the potentially dangerous individual; investigators have no way of knowing what may happen. When, where, who, and why will the murder happen? These are the things they go undercover to investigate.
Ikki Sawamura (沢村一樹)
You Yokoyama (横山裕)
Tsubasa Honda (本田翼)
Aya Ueto (上戸彩)
Production Year
54 min.
10 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

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