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Caseworker’s Diary

© Haruko Kashiwagi,Shogakukan/KANSAI TV
A young caseworker experiences joy, sorrow, and sometimes anger on behalf of “someone else,” and becomes a ray of hope in “someone else’s” life.

The main character, Emiru, is a stability-oriented rookie civil servant. While still new to the job, she is suddenly assigned the position of a case worker for welfare recipients. Forced to face the grim reality of the lives of those on welfare, Emiru begins her career amidst misgivings and miscalculations. In each of the 110 households she oversees, the more she learns, the more deeply she understands the complexity and diversity of each of the lives of her clients. In the lives of these people that should have progressed normally, where, and how, did things go wrong? Emiru is tasked with to facing each individual’s case and chartering a course to independence. “What on earth can someone like me do?” As a clumsy but straight-shooting 22-year-old, Emiru faces challenges, experiences joy, sorrow, and sometimes anger, and yet, eventually, her efforts prove to be someone’s salvation.
Riho Yoshioka (吉岡里帆)
Arata Iura (井浦新)
Rina Kawaei (川栄李奈)
Kenichi Endo (遠藤憲一)
Production Year
54 min.
10 episodes
International sales company
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

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