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Cheers to you!―Happy Prize Project
ちょこっとイイコト 〜岡村ほんこん♥しあわせプロジェクト〜

Cheers to you!―Happy Prize Project 小確幸計劃 ちょこっとイイコト 〜岡村ほんこん♥しあわせプロジェクト〜|TV TOKYO
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The motto of this program is, "Do one good deed in each location," drawing from the old Japanese saying, "Do one good deed each day." Popular comedians Takashi Okamura and Hon Kon (Kurano Takahiro), go throughout Japan doing "a bit of good" to make people smile.

"A Bit of Good" Happiness Project -
Excursions with Okamura and child actors
Child actors are unable to attend school functions because of work obligations, so Takashi Okamura dresses as a schoolteacher and takes the children on an outing. These outings feature the magnificence of various Japanese localities.

Just a little public recognition
Okamura and Hon Kon stroll through various towns, giving public recognition as they please to local citizens. In their interactions with local citizens, they find the good in every individual. Centenarian Friends Comedian and actor Itsuji Itao roams the country befriending 100 year-old men and women. Unbreakable bonds are born as Itao contributes to farm work or helps a husband choose his first present for his wife.

Thank you for everything! Farewell at the Father-Daughter Hot Spring
As a daughter's wedding date draws near, she returns to her father's hot spring. She is finally able to express her thoughts and honest appreciation while washing her father's back, and in doing so fulfills her final duty as a loving daughter.

These segments and many more appear each week, touching viewers with warm kindness and "a bit of good."

Takashi Okamura (岡村隆史)
Hongkong (ほんこん)
Production Year
54 minutes
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights: TV, Inflight
Target viewers: ALL
Production Year: 2011
Format: Full HD
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