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Escaping Poverty Through the Power of Love

Escaping Poverty Through the Power of Love 搶救貧窮大作戰 愛の貧乏脱出大作戦|TV TOKYO
(c)TV TOKYO Corporation All rights reserved.
This is a TV program that offers owners of failing restaurants, bars, and inns with large outstanding loans a chance where they can give it their all and start all over again. The program staff formulates a plan and strategy to rebuild the failing business, and places the owners under the tutelage of a "Master" of their chosen path (for instance, the owner of a famous restaurant). Those who manage to obtain the acknowledgement from their Masters are given the opportunity to refurbish their establishment's interior/exterior at the program's expense to turn their business into successful establishments that are worthy of their customers in both form and in substance.

The poverty-stricken shopkeepers grit their teeth and rise up to the challenge despite the scolding they get from their Masters and the tears they shed. The Masters clash with the shopkeepers, even as they help carry the burden of the shopkeeper's daily lives. One can't help but be deeply touched watching their unyielding spirits and their determination to never give up and not waste this chance given to them.

Will the shopkeeper succeed in reviving his establishment on the brink of collapse? This documentary-variety show is sure to light a fire in your heart.

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Production Year
60 minutes
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights: ASK
Target viewers: ALL
Production Year: 1998~
Format: SD/HD
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