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Penguin Highway

Penguin Highway
©2018 Tomihiko Morimi, KADOKAWA / Penguin Highway Production Committee
Aoyama is a young boy who works hard every day, takes notes, finds things to research, and expands his world with curiosity. He‛s just a 4th grader, but he knows all kinds of things just like a grown up. There‛s no telling how great he‛ll grow up to be. If anything, he might be TOO great !He begins to take an interest in "The Lady" who goes to dental school. Why does she make his heart stir so…?
To solve that riddle, he begins to research her. And then suddenly, many penguins appear in the town. It‛s nowhere near the sea, so where did they come from?
To solve this mystery, he teams up with his friends Uchida and Hamamoto for an investigation they call “Project Amazon”. And when they see The Lady's smile as she transforms a can of soda into a penguin, a slightly mysterious and unforgettable summer begins!
117 min.
1 episode
International sales company
Fuji Television Network, Inc.