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Cast Name: Juri Ueno (上野樹里)

  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
The ship of Theseus

The ship of Theseus

테세우스의 배

A serial murder by fatal poisoning ushers in the first year of the new Japanese Reiwa era. Arrested as the prime suspect is a police officer. His son, Kokoro Tamura, along with his mother, elder sister and brother are forced into a life of social ostracism and prejudice as the alleged family of a ki...

  • Medical/Health
Asagao - Forensic Doctor

Asagao - Forensic Doctor

監察医 朝顔

A unique pair of a forensic doctor and a detective, who are actually a daughter and her father, looks for the evidence of the body together! Asagao is a new forensic doctor who has both excellent skills and abundant knowledge; however, she has a bitter sorrow since she lost her mother and the bod...

  • Science
Good Doctor

Good Doctor


The hit Korean medical drama remade in America finally comes to Japan! With the world of pediatric surgery as its backdrop, this drama warmly depicts the growth of a young doctor with savant syndrome. Despite being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and impaired communication skills, Minato...