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Broadcasters in Kinki area

Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Japan (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) is the 3rd oldest commercial broadcaster in Japan, established in 1951. We have produced many well-known entertainment programs which are available for both finished programs and formats. Our variety of contents include drama series, variety shows, travelog...

Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

・CATV operation and telecommunication business throughmanagement of CATV operators ・Program supplying business for CATV operators and digital satellite broadcast.

Kansai Telecasting Corporation

Kansai TV is the leading commercial broadcasting TV station in Kansai area, which covers Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and other major cities in Japan. We are producing and broadcasting variety of programs including drama, sports, news, documentaries and game shows. Among our TV programs, our dramas are presti...

Kyoto Broadcasting System Co.,Ltd.

Kyoto Broadcasting System Co., Ltd. known as "KBS Kyoto", is a local TV station based in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. We have been putting great efforts in making more interesting and attractive programs and developing services in order to catch up with the rapidly changing broadcasting busi...

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

MBS is a pioneer in the Japanese broadcast industry. In 1951, MBS became one of the first commercial stations in Japan to air radio broadcasts. In 1959, MBS started doing television broadcasts. MBS operates in the largest broadcast area in western Japan, the Kansai region, an area with 22 million ...

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation

■ Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation ・General broadcasting pursuant to the Broadcast Law ・Planning, production and sales of broadcasting programs ・Cultural projects and operations and all other projects and operations related to broadcasting ・Provision of software-based broadcasting and communicati...

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  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking

Noodle Cuisine Showdown~Who Can Eat Most in Length?~

Japanese people love noodles! You can find all sorts of noodle cuisines throughout the country, ranging from the orthodox to the eccentric.We've chosen a few prefectures with their own collections of charming local noodle cuisines and hidden noodle hot-spots. First on the list is Hiroshima, boasting...

  • Art
  • History

Collection of Artisans

Kyoto was the Imperial capital of Japan for over 1000 years until the mid 19th century. Because this was the Imperial center of Japan for that period, most of Japan's great traditions and culture grew and were nurtured here by dedicated artisans. Today those traditions and culture are still thriving...

  • Quizshow
  • Travel

#Japan by Sea

Appeal the attraction of Japan surrounded by a long and beautiful coastline overseas with images from the sea. We introduce the charm of Japan with a powerful image using a “Camera Drone”, and let viewers enjoy traveling while answering local quizzes in the program.

■ Episode list
#1 Shimane

  • Food/Cooking
  • History
  • Nature

Japan, Thousand Year of Soup Stock

This is an amazing food documentary to show thousand-year history of soup stock. The soup stock is the fundamental essence in Japanese dishes, and kombuor sea kelp, harvested in the northern sea of Hokkaido is known as the best ingredient for the stock. Now a days, the sea kelp is used not only for ...

  • Entertainment
  • Science

Kagaku de Mutyamitasu!

Solutions to the question ‘WHY’ with J-Idols!

This program delivers knowledge and information through various themes. 
Even though it is produced for school children, adults also find themselves being caught up with the engaging content that this show brilliantly captures.

We are going to dig...

  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking
  • Travel

Otona tabi - aruki tabi

Enjoying local food while traveling

・This program visits some of Japan’s sightseeing hot-spots and exceptional seasonal food while discovering spectacular views along the way.

・This program conveys carefully selected information such as hot springs/spa and special products in beautifully captu...

  • Nature
  • Sports

The Fishing

Expert of Japanese Fishing!

・Bringing you the top anglers from famous fishing seas, lakes and river spots from all over Japan.

・Fishing veterans and beginners alike will be inspired to discover the fun of fishing in Japan.

This fully-fledged fishing program is a Japanese classic.