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Kochi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd (RKC) was established as Radio Kochi Co.,Ltd in 1953. We also started our television broadcast in 1959. RKC is a radio and television broadcasting station. RKC-TV is affiliated with Nippon TV Network. Kochi is a prefecture in Japan located on the Pacific Ocean side of Shikoku Island. We aim to be an intimate broadcasting station throgh television and radio programs and local events for people of Kochi prefecture.

Head Office

Head Office:
3-2-15, Honmachi, Kochi-city,Kochi, 780-8550 Japan


February 18,1953



  • Art
  • Food/Cooking

Wonder Box!Shikoku The excellent one in Kochi Ⅱ

This program introduces Kochi's excellent works and taste.

  • Entertainment

Wonder Box!Shikoku YOSAKOI FESTIVAL 2018

“Yosakoi Festival"is the biggest citizen festival held in the summer in Kochi City,Kochi Prefecture.In this program ,we introduce dances of the 2018 contest winning team.

  • Food/Cooking
  • Travel

Wonder Box!Shikoku Hot spa and recommended hotel in Shikoku Wonder Box! 四国 温泉とおすすめの宿

This program introduces Dogo Spa in Ehime Prefecture and the inn of recommendation in Shikoku.

  • Entertainment
  • Idol

Wonder Box!Shikoku Subculture in Shikoku

This program introduces subcultures such as the cartoon and the anime event in Kochi,Tokushima prefecture and moreover this place idol group in Shikoku.