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Cable Networks Akita Co., Ltd

We produce and distribute original 4K programs on nature, culture, food and travel. Aside from program production, we also do co-production with different countries. We provide ideas and full support on productions, and filming equipment arrangements for filming in Akita. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for original contents or want to start filming in Akita, Japan.

Head Office

Head Office:
1-1-3, Yabaseminami, Akita-shi, Akita 010-0976 Japan


1 December, 1997



Creation Department


  • Adventure
  • Travel

Akita Hot Spring Journey Hachimori Isaribi Onsen Hatahata-Kan

"Hachimori Isaribi Onsen Hatahata-kan"in Akita Prefecture is a hot spring with stunning views of the Sea of Japan. Not only the hot spring itself, but the tourist spots around it will also be introduced in the program.

  • Adventure
  • Travel

Akita Hot Spring Journey Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu

This hot spring is located in the northern part of Akita Prefecture, an area called Ani, Visitors can learn about the traditional Matagi culture in that area and get to know the attractiveness of the hot spring.