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Company Name: Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd
Date Established: October 1, 1993
Head Office: 3-5-25 Chuo, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi 753-8570 Japan
Paid-in Capital: 3.0 billion yen
Business Overview: Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.(yab) is a broadcasting station headquartered in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.
We are a member of the TV Asahi Media Group. Since its inception in 1993 , We have served the community by providing informative and entertaining programming.
Yamaguchi is a peninsula located on the southern most tip of Japan’s largest island of Honshu . Surrounded by ocean , Yamaguchi is rich in nature. The prefectural seat , Yamaguchi City is refered to as West Kyoto (the old capital city of western Japan) . Hagi City , a World Heritage Site , named so because of its traditional flair and beauty is also located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. We produce and broadcast programs in various genres , such as documentaries, variety shows, sitcoms and reality shows. The station distinguishes itself from other regional broadcasters with a high proportion of self-produced programming.

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