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Beyond the Summit ― the challenge of Nobukazu Kuriki
地球の頂へ 栗城史多 新たなる挑戦

Beyond the Summit ― the challenge of Nobukazu Kuriki 栗城史多的極限挑戰 地球の頂へ 栗城史多 新たなる挑戦|TV TOKYO
(c) TV TOKYO Corporation All rights reserved.
Kuriki, after graduating high school and moving to Tokyo, was unable to find a goal in life. He became a hikikomori, withdrawn from society and voluntarily shut in his home. However after becoming enchanted by mountains, within only three years he conquered summits on six of the seven world continents.

This time he sets his sights on “the deadliest mountain” Annpurna, within the Himalayas, known as “the world’s ceiling.” Kuriki plans to conquer this mountain summit and descend on skis, despite the mortality rate of 41%, making Annpurna “the mountain with the highest mortality in the world.”

Furthermore, as he hopes to transmit his mission to the world, he has committed to broadcasting his journey on the Internet. In order to do so, he will need to carry 10 kilograms of antenna equipment on his back. What makes him want to achieve the impossible? It is his passionate desire: “I want to share my adventure with as many people as possible.”

Kuriki is not content with simply climbing mountains but aims to share his passion by undertaking this magnificent experiment. This program features full coverage of his efforts. It documents his death-defying challenge and transmits pure reality to the vacant modern-day world.
Nominated Asia Television Award 2011


Production Year
115 minutes
3 episodes
Nominated Asia Television Award 2011
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights: TV, Inflight
Target viewers: ALL
Production Year: 2011
Format: Full HD
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