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Hey, Sensei, Don't you know?
이봐 선생님, 그거 모르지

When “Hey, Sensei, Don’t You Know” began serialization in the magazine, “Premiere Cheese!” by Shogakukan, it immediately captured the hearts of women who declared, “I want a boyfriend like that!” In just five months, it garnered a record 250,000+ downloads, and now, the series has been turned into a live-action drama!
The story’s heroine is Hana, a manga artist who lives for her work. Through her love stories, Hana has made her countless female fans very happy, but she herself has never fallen in love. Hiding her inexperience at love, she continues to write romance manga.
One day, realizing how indifferent she feels about her appearance, she impulsively walks into a beauty salon where she encounters Riichi, a charismatic hair stylist. Although they move around in completely different circles, they find themselves gradually becoming attracted to each other. And so begins the romance…
Despite finding her very first boyfriend, Hana’s work ethic doesn’t change. Once she gets engrossed in her work, she totally forgets Riichi’s existence. She ignores his messages, and makes him wait for days on end. But to Riichi, Hana’s failings are precisely what he loves about her! Here is a “new generation” love story that modern women aspire to that throws the usual hard-working man and his devoted girlfriend stereotype out the window.

在小学馆【豪华Cheese 】连载开始不久就抓住了女读者的心, 许多读者的声音都是【我也想要这样的男朋友!!】!【女漫画老师的初恋】上线5 个月就已经下载次数超过了25 万次, 这部广受瞩目的漫画正式拍成了电视剧。
故事的主人公是画漫画不要命的漫画家・ 华。 华是一位以画恋爱漫画为主的作家, 读她的漫画让许多女读者充满幸福感,而她自己实际却没有真正的恋爱经验。华一面隐藏自己没有恋爱过的经历,一面画着恋爱内容的漫画。
在有了第一位男朋友后, 华的工作作风也丝毫没有改变。对待工作的热情可以让她无视男朋友的存在。理一的line 信息读过后也不回复是家常便饭,作为女朋友几天后再回复男朋友是不够格的,即使这样理一却非常喜欢华。
Fumika Baba (馬場ふみか)
Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二)
Production Year
24 minutes
6 episodes
Movie Quality
Aspect ratio
International sales company
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.