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Cast Name: Akiko Yagi (八木亜希子)

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Everyone's Demoted!!

Everyone's Demoted!!


“If you don’t make your quotas, you’re all fired!” Desperate bankers battle a colossal organization In a fight song for the masses. Hiroshi Kataoka is a banker who knows things aren’t right, but endures it anyway. “It’s for the good of the company,” he tells himself. And Hiroshi is true and ...

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  • Romance
  • School
My Teacher

My Teacher


Hibiki is an awkward, 17-year-old high school sophomore who hasn't known romance. But she's about to fall in love for the very first time. With whom? A man who isn't great with words, but compassionate about his students. It's her history teacher, Mr. Ito. "Is it okay if I fall for you?" Hib...