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Cast Name: Juri Ueno (上野樹里)
3 Program(s)
  • Family
  • For Women
  • Romance

Is Love Sustainable?

Kyoka is perfectly happy being single as is her father, Rintaro, a forlorn widower who lost his beloved wife, Yoko, to cancer. One day as the two clean house, they stumble upon a divorce form signed by Yoko. Shocked and reflecting on this revelation, Rintaro at age 63 decides it’s time to start over...

  • Family
  • Medical/Health

Asagao - Forensic Doctor (Season 2)

A forensic scientist daughter and detective father! 2020's most touching drama, showing the uniquely close relationship between the father and the daughter as they reveal the victim's life by following the forensic evidence.

Just like in season one, Asagao works as a forensic scientist, and her f...

  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense

The ship of Theseus

A serial murder by fatal poisoning ushers in the first year of the new Japanese Reiwa era. Arrested as the prime suspect is a police officer. His son, Kokoro Tamura, along with his mother, elder sister and brother are forced into a life of social ostracism and prejudice as the alleged family of a ki...