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Cast Name: Kenta Suga (須賀健太)
3 Program(s)
  • Beauty
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Medical/Health

Sauna Wonderland

Kitsuko, a manga artist, is plagued by nightmares. One day, her younger brother said “You have poison in your face” and advised to go to sauna and sweat to get rid of the poison. These words set her boring life in motion and she discovered the pleasures of the water bath. However, Nushi, an old wom...

  • Mystery

Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki's Inference

An Associate Professor with a perfect memory, and a student who can “see lies” team up to solve a mystery.

Naoya Fukamachi is a university student who gained the ability to see people’s lies after an event in his childhood.
When people lie, he hears their voice become distorted into a strange so...

  • For Women
  • Human
  • Romance
  • School

Fantastic Girls

Original story by Maha Harada "Fantastic Girls, Okayama, 1980" (Shodensha).                     In 1980, Ayuko (Mio Yuki) is a new transfer student in Okayama from Tokyo. She doesn't have any friends. She can only rely on her boyfriend Hideho who is a college student. Ayuko secretly draws a romance ...