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Cast Name: Maho Minamoto (皆本麻帆)

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
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  • Romance
Cicada Boy

Cicada Boy


7 day love story of a beautiful cicada prince and a post prime woman in her 30’s. A cicada was born in the garden of Utsusemi-So apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo. The cicada shouts “Finally, I made it!” and emerges from the ground – but at that very moment, he sees a woman falling toward him. ...

My Moochy Boyfriend

My Moochy Boyfriend


Sho doesn’t work and is mooching off his girlfriend, Yuriko. He believes he cannot achieve anything (maybe except for online games), so he doesn’t look for a job and doesn’t do anything that might tire him. Yuriko is dying to change his way of life and thinks of ways that will make Sho work… When sh...