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Cast Name: Mikako Ichikawa (市川実日子)

  • Action
  • Human



Bodyguards who protect people unarmed. An intense drama where the thoughts and emotions of people interweave. A bodyguard in a civilian security company, Akira Shimazaki, had quit his job due to one incident in the past and was working as a guard for a construction site for a while. He starts wor...

  • Comedy
  • For Women
  • Romance
Nagi's Long Vacation

Nagi's Long Vacation

나기의 휴식

Nagi Oshima is a 28-year-old employee of consumer appliance maker, with silky straight hair and a peculiar personality, feeling she must try her hardest to “read the room” so as to interact well with others. But her striving to adapt to others leads her one day to hyperventilate and collapse. “I nee...

  • Mystery
Innocence, Fight Against False Charges

Innocence, Fight Against False Charges

イノセンス 冤罪弁護士
Innocence 冤罪律师

Handling the most difficult cases with a 100% chance of a guilty verdict, he tries to reverse the wrong convictions. No one is safe from the terrifying prospect of being falsely accused. You know you are innocent, but you are treated like a criminal. There are countless people just living quite liv...

  • Mystery
  • Science



A story-a-week episodic medical mystery that treats the theme of reality changing when faced with imminent death. Mystery and exhilarating human drama unfold against the backdrop of the “unnatural death institute”, or “UDI”. For example, the body of a young man is brought into the UDI lab one day; h...