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Cast Name: Mitsuko Kusabue (草笛光子)
2 Program(s)
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What Happened to Our Nest Egg!?

The 2015 best-seller novel by Miu Kakiya has been adapted to film by director Tetsu Maeda (“A Banana? At This Time of Night?”). As of April, 2020, the book has sold over 260,000 copies.
In Japan, it is said you need 20 million yen saved up for retirement. Though everyone has their worries about th...

  • Family
  • Human


Life begins to shine after the 40-year-old office worker who gave up her dreams, work and marriage starts working at a super elderly mature woman bar!

Arata Usui is a 40-year old office worker with no lover, no money, and no guarantee of relief after retirement. She wanted to get married but wasn...