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Cast Name: Riho Nakamura (中村里帆)
2 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • For Women
  • Romance

Love begins when the money ends

Owing to a certain incident in her past, Reiko Kuki knows the value of money better than anyone. Thrifty with her spending, this poor, “around-thirty company woman meets Keita Saruwatari, the moronic president’s son and profligate spendthrift with no memory at all of how he spends his dough. When th...

  • Comedy
  • Idol
  • School

Musical in A Clubroom♪

The story starts in a historical musical club at a girls’ high school which in on the verge of breaking up. Because of its harsh training for musicals instructed by senior members, newcomers have left one after the other. Ikeko, a girl who loves musicals, is in charge to be captain this year, but s...