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Cast Name: Ryosuke Yamada (山田涼介)

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
Cicada Boy

Cicada Boy


7 day love story of a beautiful cicada prince and a post prime woman in her 30’s. A cicada was born in the garden of Utsusemi-So apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo. The cicada shouts “Finally, I made it!” and emerges from the ground – but at that very moment, he sees a woman falling toward him. ...

  • Comedy
The Kitazawas -We Mind Our Own Business-

The Kitazawas -We Mind Our Own Business-

もみ消して冬 ~わが家の問題なかったことに~
北沢一家 -管好自家事-

Three elite siblings—a doctor (eldest son), a lawyer (only daughter), and a cop (youngest son)—go all out to solve a “problem” that’s destroying their family’s peace. You can be sure this family will solve any problem. They conduct strategy meetings during their family meetings, and "the family's h...