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Cast Name: Seiichi Tanabe (田辺誠一)

WATAOJI My Middle-aged Guardian Angel

WATAOJI My Middle-aged Guardian Angel

私のおじさん WATAOJI

A heartwarming drama of Hikari, a rookie assistant director at a TV station and her Guardian Angel, the Guardian Angel who is visible only to Hikari. Before she teams up with this old man, Hikari was a young woman at the lowest point of her life suffering from a broken heart and the loss of her job....

  • Detective
Seven Detectives

Seven Detectives


One of the seven detectives dispatched to MPD Div-12 is the infamous Yu Amagi. He is very frank to the point of possible rudeness, has little teamwork spirit but means well, seems very quiet but can be extremely talkative, and is in all a mysterious figure. No one can tell what is in his mind, but h...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
Psychic Kusuo

Psychic Kusuo


All I want is to lead a normal life. But underneath lurks unimaginable psychic powers... It’s the start of the annual cultural festival that brings a disastrous whirlwind of love and friendship! An extravaganza that will crack you up and blow you away! ■ Introduction A super popular manga seri...

  • Romance
Love of Sage

Love of Sage


Starring by Miho Nakayama! Amy Yamada's high impact love-hate drama is now draw a curtain. A woman has trained her ex-best friend's son to be her sexual slave for 20 years. Because her best friend stole her first love. What was meant to be revenge. Ending will come with great impact. This is the dr...

  • Family
  • For Women
  • Human
  • Tearjerker
Yurichika e, Mama kara no Dengon

Yurichika e, Mama kara no Dengon


This heartwarming and touching drama is based on the true story of Ms. Terenin Akiko. 「It’s fun to fall in love!」Akiko attempts to give her daughter love advice in this book as if talking to her future daughter. That’s because when writing this book she is diagnosed as having terminal cancer with l...