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Cast Name: Taichi Saotome (早乙女太一)

  • Comedy
  • Romance
Tokyo Bachelors

Tokyo Bachelors


Recent statistics show one out of four men never gets married before the age of fifty. Our three bachelors are devoted to their work, have great hobbies, are skilled in housekeeping and have good friends. In short, they lead a meaningful life and stay single by choice ---until a twist of fate make t...

Memoirs of a Murderer

Memoirs of a Murderer

A serial murder cold case Then a man speaks out... "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the murderer." 5 lives were gruesomely taken in a shocking serial murder case in 1995. The statute of limitations expired without the killer being apprehended. 22 years later he resurfaces sensationally at ...

  • Entertainment
  • Human
  • Samurai



Starring Kenichi Matsuyama & Directed by Yu Irie! Based on the comic “FUTAGASHIRA” by Natsume Ono. A ransackingly entertaining historical piece filled with the slick tricks and thrilling deceptions of a band of thieves. 主演・松山ケンイチ×監督・入江悠!WOWOWが贈る新感覚時代劇!盗賊一味の男たちの巧妙な駆け引きと痛快な騙し合いを描く時代劇盗賊エンターテインメント!

  • Action
  • School



A month after Crows ZERO II, a new school year is beginning at Suzuran High. That means the start of another long uphill battle among new seniors for supremacy of the school. Gora seems closest to king of the hill, but his closely contested by rivals, Tetsuji Takagi, Satoshi Terajima and his 5-man g...