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Cast Name: Takuya Kimura (木村拓哉)

  • Action
  • Human



Bodyguards who protect people unarmed. An intense drama where the thoughts and emotions of people interweave. A bodyguard in a civilian security company, Akira Shimazaki, had quit his job due to one incident in the past and was working as a guard for a construction site for a while. He starts wor...

  • Food/Cooking
  • Human
La Grande Maison Tokyo

La Grande Maison Tokyo

그랑 메종 도쿄

Natsuki Obana is a charismatic Japanese chef running a 2-star restaurant in Paris. Despite an extreme pride and confidence, he can’t seem to earn the 3 stars he covets. Feeling the pressure of a career slipping away, Obana’s troubles are compounded when his restaurant is caught in a scandal that for...