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Cast Name: Tina Tamashiro (玉城ティナ)
4 Program(s)
  • Fashion
  • On-off drama


Mito Yamane is a well-known fashion influencer who works with her young sister Miho. One day, their agency proposed a collaborative project for the digital mask filter called "Deep Face Apps," which copies Mito’s face. Soon, the apps became widespread, and images of someone with Mito’s face spread a...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Entertainment
  • Romance
  • School

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

"Best Manga/Anime of 2019"
— Thrillist, The Verge, Geek Girl Authority, Anime UK & more!
From the writer of the hit Netflix film A Whisker Away, anohana, and Maquia
As a teen, how do you start thinking about sex? This debut manga from anime legend Mari Okada follows five girls and their five movi...


And Then There was One Yuriko

Yuriko, an unconventional girl with a conventional name, finds herself in the centre of a web of mysterious events at her new high school. A series of tragic accidents seem to be connected to the strange urban legend that says there can only be one Yuriko at the school. As she starts to dig into the...



Welcome to a restaurant exclusively for assassins: the Diner. Its owner is a highly proficient killer, and so are its customers...

Kanako Oba is all alone, and thinks her life can't get any worse...until she applies for a dubious part-time job on a whim, and is instantly torn from her mundane e...