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Cast Name: Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹)
2 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Entertainment
  • For Women
  • Human
  • Romance

Senpai, This Can't be Love!

My junior trainee is always defiant only towards me. When I thinks it’s hatred, it turns out that it’s been quite the opposite, and he admires me...?

Yanase, a talented CG creator, is assigned to train Kaneda, a junior colleague with a poker face and unfriendly nature. Whenever Yanase tries to ap...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Mystery
  • Romance

The Lunchtime Detective

A delicious lunchtime combo filled with“things that women love”: Group dating, gourmet food, and mysteries! A mystery drama that brings together, these three female favorites! Women in today’s world are extremely busy! They want to meet guys efficiently and seize opportunities that will change their...