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Cast Name: Yui Sakuma (佐久間由衣)
2 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Human

Hey Handsome!!

A slapstick that could happen in any family...with a deep, abiding love at its heart!

Stubborn Gentaro Ito lives with his wife, Chizuru, in an old home in the earthy heart of Tokyo. The two have three daughters. The second oldest, Rika, lives in Osaka, married to Daisuke, a banker. The youngest d...

  • Comedy
  • School
  • Sports

We Are Rockets!

Wakaba Fujitani is a high school sophomore in Fukui Prefecture. Ever since she was little, she has been an ardent fan of the JETS, a top high school cheer dance team from her hometown that won the U.S. national championship for the first time. Her dream is to one day join the team and win the covete...