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Cast Name: Yurika Nakamura (中村ゆりか)
5 Program(s)
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Entertainment
  • Horror
  • Human
  • Romance

What Six Survivors Told...

It all began with the arrival of a single aircraft at Narita Airport---.
A pandemic that started with one passenger's infection and spread!
Riri Mizukami (17) encounters an infected person on her way home from softball club, and with the help of Shotaro Kashiwa (20), a Tokyo University student w...

  • Action
  • Scripted Format

The Sealer

In this world, there exist demon swords. Those who have the sword will have their will taken over, and they will lust for human blood and keep on killing indiscriminately. The sealer is who searches for those blades that haunt people and seal them with his scabbard.


  • Horror

The Words They Speak

This is a story about a girl who believes in the power of words and wishes for the happiness of others. After she moves into a women-only apartment building, which her friend suggested, she gets caught up in a bizarre phenomenon: the words they speak become your reality inside the apartment.
What i...

  • Romance


Sayaka is a beautiful editor who lives happily with her handsome husband. The picture-perfect life she thought she had shattered to pieces after her beloved husband’s betrayal...

The only emotional support she has for her wounded heart is her high school sweetheart she bumps into. She's married, ...

  • Comedy
  • School


High school girls have the massive almighty weapon, “youth.” But...

The reality of Japanese high school girls is portrayed through refreshingly “Stupid” Nozomu, Anime and Manga nerd “Otaku” Akane, and a smart but emotionless genius “Robot” Shiori. Their ephemeral beauty of adolescence are utterly...