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Director Name: Tomoyuki Furumaya ( 古厩智之 )
2 Program(s)
  • Food/Cooking
  • Human

Sachi's Temple Cuisine

This drama is based on the comics ”Sachi no Otera Gohan” (Sachi’s Temple meal).
The main character’s name is “Sachi Usui”. In Japanese expression, “Sachi ga Usui” means ill-starred. Just like her name,she is unlucky without any particular reason in her life. She eats the convenience store food eve...

  • Comedy
  • Human

Tetsuko no Sodatekata

Azusa wanted to become an announcer in a Key station. However, she could not pass the test. Only position she qualified is a small cable station, whose mainstay program is about trains and railways! Because she doesn’t have any knowledge and interest about railway, so she always got confused or made...