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Scenario Writer Name: Masaki Fukazawa (深沢正樹)
2 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Detective
  • Mystery
  • Romance

The Detective Couple

A police lady who is called the Iron Lady has a secret.

Keiko Kyodo” is a super detective woman with intelligence and a great figure.
Not only suspects but also the other detectives shrived up at the touch of her hear icy eyes and her razor tongue. She has excellent intuition. Because of her hi...

  • Horror

Damned File

Horror series based on real-life supernatural hot spots and scary stories of Nagoya and the Tokai region.

已名古屋為中心有關東海地區的心靈場所,以及以恐怖的故事,爲主的恐怖系列特別篇。是接受坎城国國際電影界・導演双周特邀的作品。 故事講述以怪異現象而全国知燒的愛知縣足助町之“伊勢神隧道”,有關在此出現幽靈的恐怖,及失去幼儿家族的苦悩。