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  • For Women
  • Romance

18/40: Unbreakable Bond of Dreams

18-year-old Arisu dreams of becoming a museum curator overseas.
But just as she earns a recommendation to study art at a university, she finds out she is pregnant. Enter co-protagonist Toko, a business-savvy contemporary art dealer on the cusp of 40 who has shelved the idea of romance for the past ...

  • Food/Cooking

180 days of struggle by a female master brewer

Hiroshima is counted as one of Japan's three major sake breweries. However, the sake industry is in a predicament due to COVID-19 pandemic and a series of natural disasters. The long-established sake brewery in Higashi-Hiroshima, led by Miho Imada, a female toji (master brewer) who was selected as o...

  • Family
  • Fantasy


Who would you spend the end of the world with?
The story is set in Japan in the near future, when the world is waiting for a giant comet that will destroy all life on Earth in six months. Life with the seemingly average Kadokura family appears not to have changed at all. They figure if they’re all ...

  • Mystery

12 Suicidal Teens

12 teenagers show up at an abandoned hospital. As prescribed, they enter the building, open safe containing, take one of numbered tags from 1 to 12, and head to a "designated place". None of them have ever met before, but all of them in despair with their lives and come up with one common goal: to e...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Family


Yo Oizumi who has a versatile talent became so popular not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan. And he formed “YOYO’s” with a STV’s versatile sales announcer Yoji Kimura.(YO plus YOji equals YOYO’S)
Two guys have all viewers throughout Japan laughing.The title of this funny variety show is “...

  • Art
  • History
  • Nature

100 Sights of Ancient Cities

Facing Sea of Japan to the north and having Chugoku Mountains to the south, San-in region is located in the western part of Japan. People have been living here and creating events, entertainment and a wisdom of everyday life that are very distinctive of San-in region for many generations since the a...

  • Education
  • Science

120 Seconds of Science

Non-Verbal Science Experiment Show Perfect for Children and Teenager!

This program is a stylish 120-second presentation of scientific phenomena. Science is hidden in everything around us and in everything we use. By showing the science through the lens, we offer a small insight. It is a program t...