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3000yen -How to Enrich Life-

The joy of spending money wisely! An unlikely family “money” drama!

24 year-old Miho lives alone in a stylish part of Tokyo. It’s been a year since she started work, but she’s not started saving for the future at all, spending her hard-earned money on fashion and food, only focused on having fun ...

  • Comedy
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3rd Grade Adults

Sometimes, kids do better than adults. Take a look inside the 3rd grader’s brain, acted out by adults. This comedy series is about four elementary school students. They face simple but difficult problems even for adults and try to find their answers from kids' pure eyes.


38 Minutes

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31 Legged Race

The “31 Legged Race” is an ultimate team sports event where 30 elementary school children run literally together in a row for 50 meters with their legs tied together.

The race has become a nationwide event providing fun and entertainment for both the participants and the viewers. This race requir...