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99.9 Criminal Lawyer SPECIAL 2021: New Encounters

Miyama is junior partner to Sada, who has just been named new director of the Madarame Law Office. When a party is held to announce the new director, the president of a major auto maker wants them to hire and train his granddaughter Honoka. A candidate for mayor needs their help clearing him of a br...

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  • Mystery

99.9 Criminal Lawyer SEASON Ⅱ

Miyama is an unorthodox lawyer who loves to take on criminal cases with a 99.9% chance of verdict certainty, and search for that minuscule nugget of truth that can overturn it. The “99.9 Criminal Lawyer” returns for a second season after taking the television world by storm starting April 2016. Prov...

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9 VS 9

Who says Bingo is a good old forgotten game?

Check on this to witness the thrilling excitement of an evolved Bingo, the kind of fun that you have yet to experience!

Two teams of nine are seated in a bingo-like formation and they tackle a flood of various quizzes one after another! Nine members...

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9 Windows

Territories handled by Nippon TV:Asia

Do you know your neighbour?

From co-production of Nippon TV and The Story Lab, 9 Windows is a unique gameshow-meets-talent contest that celebrates ordinary people with outlandish skills. Set in an iconic, interactive studio setting, each episode features...