The Largest Japanese TV Content Showcase

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Yusuke Nogi of Marubishi Corp. is about to seal a solar energy plant deal when he is blamed for a remittance error that sends him to the central Asian republic of Balka to retrieve 13 billion yen or face dismissal. He then nearly dies in a terrorist explosion, but learns the local authorities are hu...

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Vocals Like Locals

I can sing your country’s hit songs!

An Indian woman who doesn’t speak Korean at all sings “Fake Love” by BTS.
A French man who loves Japanese food sings “Oh My Little Girl,” Yutaka Ozaki’s signature piece.
A Peruvian high school group sings “Letting Go” by Singapore’s Tanya Chua.


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Voluntary Appearance: Can You Tell Me Who You Are?

This program dives into surveys of people who work in industries that “seem interesting but have many unknowns.” Looking at the surveys they gathered, the three hosts let their imaginations run wild and select people that particularly stand out to them. They invite the person they chose to represent...

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Village Vanguard Strikes Back (Tentative)

There are unique bookstores, called “VILLAGE VANGUARD”, it’s unlike any other in the world.

Keizo is a college student, who calls himself “empty” has been spending an exciting (stimulating) days with a mixture of junk and eccentric people at the bookstore “VILLAGE VANGUARD” where he works as a pa...

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Life or death is determined by the ten-minute mark after the 110 call. The “voice” on the line leads the two to the scene.

The police at the Emergency Command Center work day and night to respond quickly to victims calling 110. Their mission is to get to the scene within three minutes, grasp th...

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VILLAGE VANGUARD –exciting book store-

There are unique bookstores, called “VILLAGE VANGUARD”, it’s unlike any other in the world.
Keizo Sugishita is a huge baseball fan and he enters a private university with a sports scholarship. However, he has to quit the club because of his back injury.
One day, while he is feeling lost, he just...


Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi

Sense of sound, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch… Tabito Higurashi has lost all four of these senses. What he has left is a heightened sense of sight. Follow Tabito as he uses the only sense he has to find people, things, and love in this human mystery that is sure to give you an exper...

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Would former top athletes be able to out-win the kid champions in the same sport?

"Of course, no sweat!", you'd think, right?

A Rio 2016 Olympic swimmer should be able to win a junior swimming champion; a professional bowler would beat the kid bowling champion in a match of splits; and a for...

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VISION -the Girl Who Sees Murders-

In this drama, an unpopular fashion model suddenly develops a supernatural ability to see murder scenes before the murders occur. While fearing her new ability, she meets a detective under suspension, after being involved in a certain murder case...
Together, the two of them begin to use her unique...

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VIVA!Public Swimming Pools Season1 &2

This is a comedy show about a Japanese comedian, Ryuji Akiyama (a comedy trio « Robert »), He loves swimming in the public city-owned pools all over Japan. He is a self-styled “public pool amateur”. He hosts the program and introduces how he enjoys the pools with his unique point of view! The show...