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WOWOW Original Dramas have been decided to be broadcast overseas

WOWOW, Japan’s satellite broadcaster, has cut a deal with Fox Networks Group Asia to broadcast their dramas through Fox’s main channel, SCM.

The following 5 dramas will be broadcast.

1. Serial drama “Umi ni Furu” (6 episodes)
A human drama, the first female pilot of a submarine at a marine research institute
Starring: Arimura Kasumi

2. Serial Drama “Shingari – Yamaichi Shoken Saigo no Seisen-“(6 episodes)
A social drama, employees’ pursuit to the reason of a securities company’s bankruptcy
Starring: Eguchi Yosuke

3. Serial Drama “Ishi no Mayu” (5 episodes)
A suspense drama, one female detective runs a psychotic murderer.
Starring: Kimura Ayano

4. Serial Drama “Enka –Gold Rush-“ (4 episodes)
An action suspense drama, a chaotic management of a private high school in Osaka, Western part of Japan.
Starring: Moriyama Mirai

5. Serial Drama “Suitei Muzai” (5 episodes)
A human drama, people who involved in a false charge.
Starring: Nakamura Toru