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The legendary action variety show from Japan is back!
New format version of the worldwide megahit Takeshi's Castle to be released in 2023!

Takeshi’s Castle Project
Scheduled to stream worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in 2023!


Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) is pleased to announce that a new reboot of Takeshi’s Castle with the working title Takeshi’s Castle Project is to be produced by TBS and distributed worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting in 2023.

The original Takeshi’s Castle was an unscripted physical reality show that aired on TBS from 1986 to 1989. In each episode, some 100 contestants selected from the general public attacked the all-but-impregnable castle, taking on challenging games and competing with each other and to win the prize money. The show’s hilariously entertaining format made it a major social phenomenon.

One of the biggest hits from Japan, Takeshi’s Castle transcended language and cultural barriers to entertain audiences in the U.S., the UK, Australia, South America, throughout Asia, and in many other countries starting in the late 1980s. In addition to the original show, local productions featuring native casts and contestants have been produced in many countries, and the popularity of the format continues to grow.

The format has had a major impact, laying the foundation for later audience-participation physical reality shows worldwide. Crossing ponds on suspect stepping-stones, walking on unstable scaffolding, hanging from bars and swinging from ropes, leaping over obstacles, and getting soaking wet and muddy from head to foot are just some of the tribulations contestants faced in the over 100 games featured on the show. The contestants’ struggles and hilarious predicaments have continued to captivate audiences around the world.

This new Prime Video version of Takeshi's Castle takes things to a new dimension, with the contestants encountering a varied array of new games, and sure to find themselves in some new seriously messed-up situations. The renewed labor and laughter of this Takeshi’s Castle reboot will surely delight fans all over the world.

Producer Tsuyoshi Katayama commented:
Takeshi's Castle is back with a vengeance! It’s like a dream! Stepping Stones, Bridge Ball (a.k.a. Strait of Gibraltar)—the great original games are now turbo-charged with the latest technology! And there’s a whole new set of brand new games! Our team is dedicated to reviving the show in an exciting way that will appeal to viewers who always wanted to appear when they watched it as kids, and to a new generation of fans. This new show will appeal to fans throughout Japan and around the world! Especially in times like this, we all need to escape our troubles and just enjoy a fun show like this!”

Title: Amazon Original Takeshi’s Castle Project

Executive Producer: Tsuyoshi Katayama (TBS) 
Chief Producer: Marina Fujiwara (TBS) 
Producer: Kazumi Fukuhama (TBS Sparkle) 
Chief Director: Masato Inui (Folcom) 

Produced by TBS in association with TBS Sparkle
Distribution: Worldwide, exclusive to Prime Video starting in 2023 
Note: Amazon Prime membership required for viewership. Availability of content subject to change.

Hisashi Ide, DX Strategy Department, DX Business Division, TBS Television, Inc.

Masahiro Isogai, Shoichi Shirahata, General Publicity Department, Corporate Branding and Promotion Center, TBS Television, Inc.

About TBS:
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