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Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

©︎2020 "Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie" Film Partners
The mighty wife returns!

Haruka Ayase plays a newlywed wife who hides her past as a secret agent and beats up one bad guy after another like an action star. The identity of her husband (an agent of the Public Security Bureau) played by Hidetoshi Nishijima is gradually disclosed through a thrilling plot development. This story about a husband and wife who lie to each other but love each other nonetheless garnered attention.
At the end of the series, it is revealed that the husband works for the Public Security Bureau, and their marriage is a cover to keep her under surveillance. In spite of his mission, he falls in love with Nami and tries to convince her not to get involved in other people's affairs. She is being monitored as a state-level security risk, and the bureau is unwilling to tolerate any more trouble from her. However, to save a friend, Nami runs out of the house and risks everything she has to confront the enemy.
When she comes home, she finds her husband pointing a gun at her!
A gunshot echoes through the quiet, upscale neighborhood...
The movie picks up where the controversial ending of the drama series left off!!

"Who am I?" The wife loses her memory?!
After an incident during her escape, Nami wakes up with no memory of her past. She is told that her name is Kumi and finds herself as a newlywed living in a regional city with her husband, Yuji. Somewhere in his mind, Yuji (Yuhki) thinks that if her memory doesn't return, they could carry on their happy life together as they are, but he continues to monitor Kumi (Nami) as a part of his job with the Public Security Bureau. If her memory does return, she must cooperate with the Public Security Bureau or die.
However, Yuji (Yuhki) knows that Kumi (Nami) will never choose a life subjugated by the government. He realizes that once her memory returns, their life together will have to end.
In the regional city invigorated by the discovery of a new energy source, their life is simple, peaceful, and happy. But the city is divided over the construction of a research lab, and the hostility between the opposition mainly made up of citizens and the advocates including the mayor heats up day by day. There is a big evil scheme by the advocates and a state-level secret behind the new energy source. The members of the opposition who discover the truth die in suspicious circumstances. One of them is Kumi's (Nami) friend...
When her best friend is harmed, the wife's instincts awaken!!
Kumi (Nami) gets her memory back but tries not to let her husband catch on. Then one day, Yuji's (Yuhki) life is endangered right in front of her eyes. She can save him if she exercises her fighting abilities. But if she does, their life together is over.
Faced with the ultimate decision, what does the wife set out to do?
Haruka Ayase (綾瀬はるか)
Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)
Kosuke Suzuki (鈴木浩介)
Kenshi Okada (岡田健史)
Atsuko Maeda (前田敦子)
Shingo Tsurumi (鶴見辰吾)
Naomasa Musaka (六平直政)
Shiro Sano (佐野史郎)
Rei Dan (檀れい)
Fumiyo Kohinata (小日向文世)
Toya Sato (佐藤東弥)
Scenario Writer
Yukiko Manabe (まなべゆきこ)
Production Year
Running time:Approximately 120 mins
International sales company
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Original Drama Story: Kazuki Kaneshiro
Music: Masahiro Tokuda