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Cops'n Robbers
ドロ刑 -警視庁捜査三課-

Cops'n Robbers
ⒸShu Fukuda / Shueisha | ⒸNIPPON TV
Cops get schooled by robbers?!

The crime closest to our everyday life might just be theft. In the Metropolitan Police Department, it is handled by the Investigations 3rd Unit.

Creating a brand new concept within detective dramas, "Cops & Robbers" features novice police detective Tsutomu Madarame and legendary thief Kemuri Garasu (Smoky Crow) as forbidden buddies that tackle a vast array of difficult cases.

The Investigations 3rd Unit is dedicated to solving theft cases like burglary, shoplifting, and snatching. In television dramas, these crimes have been overshadowed by murders and kidnappings, which are handled by the Investigations 1st Unit. But in reality, theft accounts for over 70% of police cases and is the crime that hits closest to home for the average citizen. Because it is carried out with numerous tactics, the 3rd Unit is said to require the highest investigative skills.

Unlike "Lupin the Third" and "Cat's Eye", which are told from the thief's viewpoint, "Cops & Robbers" takes the rare approach of depicting the story though the eyes of the detectives. Released in January 2018 as a manga, its transformation into a live-action drama is unusually quick!

Each case comes to a satisfying solution and leads to an increased awareness of crimes, making this a racy detective drama that is universally entertaining, regardless of age and gender!
Kento Nakajima (中島健人)
Kenichi Endou (遠藤憲一)
Itsuji Itao (板尾創路)
Izumi Inamori (稲森いずみ)
Scenario Writer
Koji Hayashi (林宏司)
Production Year
60 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon Television Network Corporation
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