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Choosing Spouse by Lottery

©Miu Kakiya/ Futabasha | © 2018 TOKAI Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., KYODO TELEVISION Co.,Ltd.
What will you do, if the government of your country chose your marriage partner!!?
This is a drama which asks the viewers the question, “What getting marriage is all about?”

Considering the continuous drop of the birthrate, the Japanese government has decided to enact the “Marriage Lottery Act.”
Under this law, people aged 25 to 39 who are single and have no children have to get married to the people whom the government selects.
Tatsuhiko, is a single 26 year old man, who is subject to this law. He has always been finding a difficulty getting a girlfriend due to his inability to trust people around him and also because he is a clean freak.
On the other hand, a woman who comes from a good and wealthy family called Nana, is also subject to the law, because she broke up with her boyfriend right before the law was enacted. The two of them, who would’ve never met if the law didn’t exist, eventually take part in a marriage interview. What kind of relationship will the two destined characters move into, amidst a society which has changed so suddenly!?
This is an “if” situation drama, yet makes the viewers think it can possibly happen in the real world.
Shuhei Nomura (野村周平)
Rin Takanashi (高梨臨)
Ryohei Otani (大谷亮平)
Mayumi Wakamura (若村麻由美)
Production Year
55 min.
8 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Fuji Television Network, Inc.