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Cooking Showdown

A cooking show that presents a mouthwatering dilemma!

Skillfully mixing elements of a cooking show, a game show, a variety show and the educational format, Cooking Showdown has proved to be a huge success in several countries already. As a show with delicious food as its centerpiece, people from a wide demographic can enjoy watching the participants twist and turn in temptation over a mouthwatering menu.

Celebrity contestants are forced to make a choice between two succulent dishes, which is something that anyone who has been to a fine restaurant with a tantalizing selection of food is familiar with. The only difference is, these dishes have been prepared using the penultimate ingredients, selected by traveling far and wide in search of the ‘best-of-the-best’. It won’t be easy to make the choice, since the dishes closely resemble each other, and have been prepared by first-rate chefs.

Two hosts, helped by enticing footage of the food’s preparation, its history and culture, introduce the two battling dishes. The panelists are invited over to the studio kitchen to meet the chefs, and get a hint of what’s in store. It’s here that the show builds up a sense of anticipation. We are taken around the country to collect the finest available ingredients as they are showcased one-by-one. While the audience learns about each dish, they are also entertained by the hosts doing battle over the panelists’ stomachs.

Finally, when the panelists are forced to make their choice, we can experience the ecstasy of the winners and the envy of the losers. But it’s not just the losing panelists who are left feeling hungry; the audience also seems to keep coming back for more!
Production Year
54' x 364 episodes
special 80'-110' x 18 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.