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Fake Family

Look at the happy family! Mom, dad, brother, sisters…but wait! All is not as it appears.
One of them is an actor pretending like a real member of the family! In this show, a family and an actor spend one day to trick studio panelists to get prize.
Can you guess which one is an actor?
A celebrity reporter visits the family and tries to figure out who doesn’t belong. The family is questioned, observed for a day as they share a meal and talk about family history. Will one person slip up? Or will your powers of deduction allow you to see who is the faker?
Studio panelists have two chances to guess who the fake family member is: once, based on their first impression after the family is introduced; and again, after watching the family members interact and seeing their home environment. Those who guess correctly can enjoy a small treat.
In the end, parting between the temporary family member and the rest of the family can be bittersweet.
After acting like a father, mother, son, or daughter for a day, it’s hard to say goodbye!
This program airs as a segment of the weekly program, Doyo ha Dame yo!
Program On-air: Saturdays, 4:00pm
Program start date: 9/2003
Number of program episodes: 400+
Segment start date: 7/2007
Number of segment episodes: 48+

This segment could be adapted in any country for people, of wide range of ages. This is an entertainment quiz show for family. According to the audience rating research, this program including the segment is watched by kids to elderly people, and is at the top ranking among other programs in the same hour, for more than a decade!
The original Japanese program has already broadcasted more than 400 episodes so far and stays very popular. Of course this includes more than forty episodes of the “Fake Family” as one of audiences’ favorite segments.
Production Year
30' x 60 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.