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9 VS 9

9 VS 9|tv asahi
©tv asahi
Who says Bingo is a good old forgotten game?

Check on this to witness the thrilling excitement of an evolved Bingo, the kind of fun that you have yet to experience!

Two teams of nine are seated in a bingo-like formation and they tackle a flood of various quizzes one after another! Nine members to a team and who sits where is the key to many of the innovative quizzes, as not only does getting the right answer matter, but who gets the right answer is also a big factor in winning the game!

Some quizzes require team effort, others individual pizzazz, but when you play 9VS9, don’t forget you’re part of an evolved bingo game!
Production Year
60 min
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Studio based
Time Slot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly
Target: Family
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