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Slice of TV

Slice of TV| tv asahi
©tv asahi
W hat if you could slice out a scene from a program and take a closer look at it?
Many things happen simultaneously in sports games. However, only part of the stories can be delivered to the audience on TV. The other stories remain out of the spotlight and are scarcely shared with the public.
This show focuses on those scenes that normally get little attention, and brings to light hidden stories and the extraordinary characters of top athletes.
What are the athletes talking about during a game? How do they pep themselves up before a game? What are they really like with their fans and staff behind the scenes?
After careful research of footage shot by multiple cameras, scenes that are revealing, full of discovery and heart-warming are selected and sliced out for the show.
After watching “Slice of TV,” you will simply love sports much more than before!

Production Year
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Timeslot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly / Special
Studio based
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