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The 3 Family 3 Day Challenge

The 3 Family 3 Day Challenge| NIPPON TV
©tv asahi
“The 3 Family 3 Day Challenge” is a competition format where three families must complete three challenges within three days in order to get the chance to win a grand cash prize! The faster the family can clear the three challenges, the more time they are given to prepare for the final stage. Emotions run high, every moment counts and families fight together – sometimes against each other! – to become the winner of the battle!

Can the family cooperate with each other to complete the daunting challenge? Or will they end up arguing and blaming each other under the pressure of the ticking clock? A combination of skill, knowledge, stamina and luck, it is a thrilling show with a straight- forward concept that everyone can enjoy watching with lots of relatable family moments along the way!

Production Year
120 min.
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
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