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Perman| tv asahi
©Fujiko-Pro / SHIN-EI Animation & TV Asahi Corporation
Drop ‘SU’ from SUPERMAN and what do you get? PERMAN!

Mitsuo is an average elementary schoolboy who happens to possess ‘superpowers’ which were given by Birdman, a superhero from Planet Bird. His physical strength, increased vision, ability to fly and breathe under water, can only come from the mask, cape, and badge which Birdman had given him. Mitsuo also has a ‘copy-robot’ which can transform him into a look-alike that helps him keep his superhero identity a secret. With the help of two other buddies and a small monkey, Perman shall try to save the world from disaster.

Production Year
Approx 22 min x 228 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
VOD is available
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