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Ama-chan is a light-hearted drama about a young city girl's transformation when she moves to the Japanese countryside. Aki, the heroine, falls for country life and ends up helping revitalize her village. Ama-chan was written by popular Japanese playwright, Kankuro Kudo, in hopes of cheering up Japan as it recovers from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The story begins in July 2008. Aki Amano, a Tokyo high school student, lives a reclusive life in the city. She heads to the country to visit her grandmother Natsu, a professional ama diver, for the first time. Ama diving is a traditional method of underwater diving done by women to collect seafood. Impressed by her grandmother, Aki believes that ama diving may be her true calling. She blossoms into a new person, brightening up the lives of everyone she meets.

A video of Aki as an ama diver goes viral on the Internet. With her best friend Yui she forms a singing duo. The two become local celebrities and symbols of the village. Tourists arrive in search of them and an "Ama Cafe" is even built.

Meanwhile, Aki's mother, Haruko, and Natsu, have their own issues. The two haven't spoken for 24 years-since Haruko left in search of fame. Aki learns about her mother's past, inspiring her to find fame in Tokyo with Yui. The dreams of three generations of women clash. Later, Haruko sends Aki to Tokyo to fulfill her own unrealized dreams.

Unforeseen problems stop Yui from accompanying Aki. Aki is left alone and soon faces difficulties. But, with a help from Haruko, Aki wins a movie part and finds herself on the road to stardom. At last, the dreams of Aki and Haruko are about to come true.

However, on the day before Aki's debut, the Great East Japan Earthquake hits. Aki decides to return to the village. There she finds the villagers bravely trying to reconstruct their lives despite the damage. Aki reunites with Yui, aiming to rebuild the tsunami-ruined Ama Cafe.

Production Year
156 x 15 min.
International sales company
Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP)

(c) NHK
Clean, M/E + Japanese
English script